For both indoor and outdoor flooring applications, PFE’s flooring fibre offers superb durability, colour fastness and value. PFE Flooring fibre is produced from homopolymer pellets, which are extruded to create a melt spun, round polypropylene cross section. The addition of various stabilisation systems provides a range of flexible options on enquiry. Customer-specific colours are matched on request, with a minimum quantity of 5 tonnes per colour applicable.

The following products are available in this category


With blends becoming increasingly important, PFX™ (Polyester facsimile) has a unique structure which imparts bulk and cover to carpet constructions. It can be blended with any fibre in the PFE range, and with any other fibre allowing the original colour clarity to show through. PFX fibre has a unique tenacity/elongation ratio, which gives superb resilience in carpet form whilst lending a new dimension of softness to carpet handle.

Flooring 100 fibre offers a coarse decitex with a lower crimp index, which has a positive influence on the improvement of mechanical characteristics such as resilience. Therefore this fibre type is conceived for hardwearing needle-felt qualities. A straight fibre of shorter cut length is also available in this decitex for specialised applications.

Flooring 33 and Flooring 83 fibres offer fairly coarse decitex, the former with a higher crimp index and the latter with a lower crimp index – for needle punch carpets that are durable and easy to maintain.

Flooring 11 and Flooring 17 fibres offer finer decitex with a higher crimp index for needle punch carpets that are durable and easy to maintain.

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