Equestrian footing

The fibre is mixed with silica sand to create an equestrian footing for arenas and racetracks that imitates the natural properties of turf.

PFE Equestrian Footing fibre is produced from homopolymer pellets, which are extruded to create a melt spun, round polypropylene cross section. Customer specific colours may be matched on request, with a minimum quantity of 1 ton per colour applicable.

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EFF 40 fibre imparts stability and elasticity to traditional sand footings, allowing the horse to work on top of the footing rather than through it. A flexible, cushioning, horizontal and vertical support layer with millions of tiny air pockets is created by the random distribution of fibres. The specific chopped length of the fibre assists in increasing traction and absorbing impact. In sand racing tracks and gallops, the generation of hoof beat and the abrasiveness of the sand on the hoof are minimised. The natural properties of polypropylene also facilitate drainage and bind loose sand, reducing the tendency of sand to loft.

Applications extend across the various equestrian disciplines, including dressage, show jumping, western and pleasure riding, horse racing and multi-purpose arenas.

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